Seattle – USA

Centres de données utilisé par le réseau Aryup:

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Canyon Park Business Park in Bothell Washington, next to Seattle.

Internap, Global Crossing, Level3, Telia

Data centers:
World Link


Sitting on top of essentially an endless supply of fiber, WORLDLINK has established a Colocation facility like no other in the Seattle area. Facility is efficient and controlled by a service-oriented staff that take pride in the customer service they provide. All critical and non-critical facility and network equipment and systems are monitored 24/7 for a guaranteed uptime.

Private Fiber are Cross-connect to The Westin Meet-Me Room. Direct Connect to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) and Multi-Homed Tier 1 Redundant Connections. All Fiber connections are scalable to OC-48 Network. Wrold link is using the latest redundant GigaBit routers (full cisco High-End routers and switch network, state of the art fiber and Gigabit ethernet network).

Alltogether, the world-link collocation facility might be one of the best point of presence of GPLHost in therms of network connectivity.